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                     Welcome to Healthy Habits Toys!

     Creating ‘family-smart’ waiting room toys, does not need to be complicated … or expensive. Our wide variety of innovative modular play gear, unique touch screen computer interactives and wide array of finishing touches make it easy for you to create safe and comfortable family spaces.

     Very unique, child friendly software loaded onto an industrial mini PC computer and accessed by a touch screen monitor.
Touch screen computer interactives are always a draw.
Secure, robust and completely engaging.

     Since 1990, when Waiting Time Toys, Inc. was founded, we have listened to customers' needs and decided to be the one-stop-shop for thousands of products. If you are looking for something that you don't see here, please call so we can help.


     Our Mission is to serve our customers as we would like to be served by providing high quality, safe, durable, easy-to-clean, and quiet waiting room toys and play structures, at the best prices.




     Play cubes are a very popular and practical solution for many waiting rooms or reception areas.  We took the cube design several steps forward by bringing a positive healthy lifestyle message to children while they play, and by displaying a healthy habits message to parents during their wait.

     The Eat Well-Be Active Cube incorporates many of the current positive living and nutrition education messages extracted from the USGA "My Pyramid," plus various WIC and Health Department literature. Children engage in play while learning to eat five fruits and veggies a day, drink four glasses of water a day, reduce screen time and get moving!

     You can also get our waiting area cube with the optional interactive "touch screen," programmed with a finger paint activity, color book drawing, concentration matching game, shapes and size problem solving, as well as various levels of mathematics.

                         kids play area


     Another waiting room toy to get the healthy habits living message to parents and others to top your cube off with one of our many interchangable custom toppers! The waiting room cube is generally too tall for the little ones to see what's on the top, so we took creative advantage of that spot and asked WIC Directors and clinic staff to come up with messages they would like to convey in their offices.  Together, we designed imaginative, practical toppers with those messages! 

     Some of the delightfully functional toppers developed have to do with the following messages:  "Reduce Child Obesity," "Fruit & Veggies Fun," "Don't Wait to Vaccinate," "Dental Health," and the USGA "Food Guide Pyramid."  Several states even personalized their topper by using their own state's logo, bird, etc.   If you decide to purchase one of these unique, extra toppers, it is quite easy to unscrew the topper that comes with the cube and replace it with another. These cube toppers are so attractive, they can even serve as decor and be mounted right to the wall!  With several toppers, the office area is consistently filled with decorative, reinforcing, positive health messages.

food guide pyramid                    Deluxe Mini Play Cube


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Nutrition education game



     The unique Be Active Wall will keep kids busy, happy, and entertained – all while learning healthy lifestyle and nutrition messages that are so ingeniously incorporated on it. It is a beautifully designed, sturdy, one-of-a-kind, free-standing play system, and the messages are bilingual!

      Created with the needs of a high-traffic area in mind, such as a WIC clinic, it is also ideal for hospitals, offices, and reception areas, among other places, and will attract children of all ages.

      Utilizing the open play format concept, the play cube Be Active Wall will engage kids and make time pass quickly for them and the adults in the vicinity! Another advantage of this play structure is that parents can easily keep an eye on the kids, which decreases safety and supervision issues.

     You can’t go wrong with a choice like the Be Active Wall, as it helps to educate children and adults alike about the importance of adopting healthy habits and good nutrition. At the same time, it promotes hand-eye coordination, concentration skills, fine motor abilities, and patterning.

child nutrition


     Wall toys for waiting rooms are great space savers and also signals to the kids that you have designated a spot that's just for them! Our activity wall panels and game boards, sometimes referred to as educational play wall modules, have been tried and tested for over twenty years.

Modular themed panel systems that tell a story.
Flexible designs, easy to assemble, low maintenance.

Keebee play modules are dependable, durable and safety-tested. Made from solid hardwoods, high-quality play modules engage fine motor skills and encourage quiet passive play. There are no loose toys to go missing. There are no messes to clean up. There is no running, shouting or climbing

     Several activities that support the development of hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, reasoning and visual tracking, combined with a positive nutrition message for children's education, are incorporated into these space saving wall toys. In addition, many of these positive sensory activities appeal to kids of all ages and will absorb them to the point where they lose track of time. What a nice way to relax children before a sometimes anxiety inducing experience.

      The wall panel or game board can be mounted on the wall by themselves or used in many of the play structures, both free-standing and wall-mounted systems, such as the "Four Car Circus Train," "Wacky Wall," "Fred," "Googley Eyed Guy," "Play Cube," and "Rocket Ship."  See our WIC Eat Well-Be Active section for other nutrition education models.

     Some great places to use these products: hospital waiting rooms, doctors exam rooms, children's furniture stores, banks and credit unions and many other children's waiting areas.

                          Kids waiting room toys

The wall mounted Circus Train is purchased as individual panels. Build your train configuration best suited for your wall space and budget.



     This fabulously fun wall system is like having a mural on the wall that can be played with! This activity system mounts directly to the wall, and is safe, non-toxic and quite sturdy.

     You choose the play panels or modules to place on the cars; the wheel bases and the respective graphic toppers on the individual cars are included.

     Decorative and delightful, this train engages the interests of children with its quiet, non-electronic games. It allows kids to use the power of their own brains and imaginations to make this train travel along with them on their creative mind adventures!

     You may purchase this fantastically fun circus train play system in various combinations, or you may buy any piece separately.  There's nothing like a busy kid who's immersed in the activities provided on this impressive addition to any kids place! 

     Perfect when floor space is at a premium, and also ideal for anywhere there are kids - doctors offices, waiting areas of emergency rooms, hospitals, retail businesses, financial institutions like credit unions or banks, resorts and vacation clubhouses, to name a few! 



     We carry one of the best lines of tables and chairs available for both children and adults! Choose from many styles, colors, and dimensions, and rest assured you will receive products that are of superior quality and made to last, that are easily wiped clean to meet stringent cleanliness standards, are CPSIA compliant, and made with non-toxic materials.

     There are many places where tables and chairs for children can be used, and they can help create an inviting and warm atmosphere for children.  And of course, choosing proper tables and chairs for the classroom ensures it can be kept neat, tidy, and efficient. We have a beautiful line of teacher tables, plus other solutions for the classroom to help busy teachers and their students.

     A great table and chairs set is perfect for busy family waiting rooms, hospital reception areas, emergency room waiting areas, doctors offices, teen lounges, homes, clinics…. anywhere there are kids!

gressco furniture


     What toddlers aren’t full of high energy, and love the opportunity to move around freely and unencumbered? And what adults don’t love it when their toddlers get a chance to have playful fun, be happy, and safely burn off some of that precious energy?

     With our delightful line of soft play units and climbers, children and parents alike will be blissful! Our soft play products are made of heavy-duty vinyl that can be easily cleaned to satisfy strict infection control standards, and both the foam and vinyl covering is fire rated CAL117. Colorful, soft, and safe, these enjoyable products will keep kids entertained for long periods of time, and also foster social interaction and motor skills.

     Perfect for homes, daycares, preschools, office reception areas, resort and clubhouse kid play areas, public kids spaces, retail establishments, designated kids areas of any kind!


     Just as people still go out to the movies - even though they can so easily watch them at home – people still enjoy reading actual books - even though there are so many ways they can receive their print media.

     So keep those books beautiful and choose bookcases that are perfect for your room! We feature many styles - from beautifully built solid wood to sturdy colorful laminate finishes.

     We also carry other unique and fun bookracks, display stands, magazine distribution racks, book-toy-playroom storage units, classroom organizers, and locking storage items! We’re certain to have something just right for you.

     There are myriad places a quality bookcase or storage unit can be used – a classroom of any kind, a kids play area, a doctor exam room, a lobby, a retail establishment, a resort or vacation clubhouse – any kids environment!

Healthy Habits Table

     The Cadillac of activity tables!

     We took the original, very popular & sturdy table we designed back in 1994 - that is still in use to this day - and listened to input from our customers to make it even better!

      Our customers loved the table, and offered us suggestions as to how we might improve a future blueprint. We took their ideas, along with a few of our own, and created the Healthy Habits Play Table!

     There is a practical strategy to this table’s unique design that goes above and beyond just keeping kids busy. Notice the apex of the table. This is an ingenious improvement that prevents the absent-minded placing of beverage cups or other food items on it, thus keeping the table cleaner. In addition, the one-of-a-kind design discourages some especially high-energy kids who might otherwise be tempted to climb on top of the table. And an added feature? It is quiet...

     We paid attention to ideas from many WIC Directors, Nutrition Coordinators, Breast-Feeding Specialists, and other State Health Department staff, and we specially built this play table with the needs of high-traffic areas in mind and incorporated ingenious, bilingual, healthy habits lifestyle messages on it!

     The Healthy Habits Play Table is easy-to-clean and built to last. The colorful built-in benches provide seating for the kids and encourages positive social interaction. Great for WIC clinics, hospitals, doctors’ offices, hospital emergency room waiting areas, reception areas.

Keebee Play is a global leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality, indoor modular play equipment for use in commercial and institutional environments.

Healthy Habits Table


     The 17" Round-a-Bouts are built like their larger sibllings, only in a smaller format.  They were created especially to carry on the healthy eating, active life style, positive family and peer socialization, and healthy habits themes!

     The Fun Food Sorting, Four Glasses a Day, Food Guide Reveal, and One Hour a Day 17" Round-a-Bouts from Keebee Play, keeps kids engaged in a playful way even as they learn what makes up a healthy way to live life!

     These fun and imaginative Round-a-Bouts teach healthy habits in a delightful manner.  They are safe, quiet, easy-to-clean, and can be mounted by themselves directly onto a wall, or they can be chosen as an addition to another cube or play structure; perfect for the Eat Well-Be Active Play Cube, the Healthy Habits Play Table, the Be Active Wall, or the Kids Healthy Hut, to name a few!

     Ideal to use as wall toys, waiting room toys; great for doctors offices, exam rooms, kids play area, retail establishments, any designated kids place!

Healthy Habits Table


     All of our unique Round-a-Bouts from Keebee Play come in a variety of imaginative game formats that collectively appeal to children's sense of playful fun, and help support skills such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor, reasoning, patterning, visual tracking, color recognition, matching, concentration and focus. Some even help teach the basics of math!

     Round-a-Bouts are like rotating circles, with easy-to-move parts, although there are no loose pieces! Captivating, safe fun, the 24" Round-a-Bouts can be used alone - mounted directly onto the wall - or chosen as additions to many play structures, like the Funky Farm, Circus Train, Wacky Wall, Kyle's Cockpit, and the Club House!

     Fabulous for any office, clinic, exam room, reception area, retail establishments, cruise ship playrooms, public kids spaces - just about anywhere there are kids!

Healthy Habits Table


     Keeping Kid Busy offers carpets and rugs from the best manufacturers in the business! This flooring is of high quality and is affordable. We carry a large selection of area rugs that are perfect for the healthcare and education markets, and we also include a selection that is faith-based.

     Our educational rugs are a teacher's best friend, as some of these carpets are not just beautiful and colorful to look at, but help keep classes organized and efficient. And although they don't actually speak - some of them are bilingual, and some help teach in an interactive way!

     Having a gorgeous, practical carpet in your business helps to immediately create a visually comfortable and easily identifiable children's spot. Many of the rugs, such as the Shapes Galore® and Super Circle® are a perfect place on which to place a play structure or activity cube or play table!

     Our line of rugs and carpets are from trusted manufacturers, and are safe, non-toxic, and durable. Ideal for anywhere there are kids - daycares, preschools, classrooms, libraries, homes, rec rooms, retail stores and businesses, doctors offices, clinics, reception areas, lobbies.


     We offer a wonderful selection of self-contained, freestanding bead maze play tables, magnetic play tables filled with exciting play objects, and play activity center cubes that will accomplish one or more of the following for the children: 

*  keep kids busy
*  keep kids entertained
*  keep their attention
*  keep kids happy
*  help keep kids relaxed
*  help support educational & skill-development such as fine motor, color-pattern-recognition, sorting, visual tracking, counting, reading, social interaction

Healthy Habits Toys is the place to shop for kids furniture,Tables & Chairs  rugs, & wall decals for homes, schools, waiting rooms & therapy clinics. We feature a fantastic selection of pretend play, educational toys, & sleeping bags. SensoryEdge was started in 2003 with a mission to help parents of kids with special needs find therapy products and sensory toys. We found that parents of typical kids loved the quality and affordable prices of our selection so we expanded into the furniture market and kids wall decor.

      These products offer imaginative play that provides kids with fun and magic through a unique variety of exciting, challenging, attention-keeping, age-appropriate, colorful activities!

     The tables and cubes are safe, durable, easy-to-clean or sanitize, have no loose pieces, are clutter-free, easy to assemble (where applicable), convenient to maintain, offer a variety of activities, plenty of design and size options to fit your needs, makes a positive statement at a glance about your commitment to welcome children and their families, gives any room a pleasing aesthetic, and demonstrates your respect for others by providing a better visit for all!

    Use our bead play tables and cubes anywhere! Here are just a few ideas: 

*  doctors office
*  exam room
*  reception area
*  clinic
*  hospital lobby
*  kids play area
*  home
*  realtor office
*  preschool
*  daycare
*  emergency waiting room
*  retail setting
*  customer service area






     So many different types of kids furniture and so many places kid-size furniture can be used!

     How fun for a child to enter what could be an intimidating situation – all that big, grown-up furniture – and spot the chairs, reading nooks, kitchen sets, living room groups, sofas, benches, and more – all scaled to their size! Now they can relax because you have created a comfortable environment just for them!

      We have play kitchen sets where kids can get their imaginations and their spirit of doing-for-others cookin’! These sets are perfect for elementary schools, daycares, preschools, homes, classrooms, or as part of any kids play area anywhere.

     We have a variety of styles of kids chairs and children’s furniture in sizes for toddlers through youth. They are miniatures of what they see mom, dad and all the adults have and the kids just love to use them.

      Check out what we have for libraries, classrooms, schools, doctors offices, retail stores, show rooms, reception areas, hospitals, and more! Keeping Kids Busy offers the highest quality of children’s furniture and can help you find whatever you’re looking for!


     When a waiting room or waiting area is decorated just for the kids, the place will not only look beautiful and fun, but you will have shown thoughtful intent toward creating a spot for children that is also a gift to the adults around them, as well!

     Wall décor makes decorating for a children’s area a breeze! It’s much easier than papering and more affordable than hiring a muralist! Wall art can be put on any flat surface without damaging the finish and there won’t be a sticky residue. In fact, many of the pieces can be moved easily from one wall to another if the look just isn’t quite right the first time!

     Set a happy, calm tone with colorful pieces that can be attached to the wall from Keebee Play,Anatex and others. Besides adhesive-backed appliques, some of our wall toys serve as decorative art in and of themselves, as well as some of the beautiful mirrors.

      Included among the more aesthetically pleasing mirrors are "fun mirrors" that distort images. Babies will be fascinated as they look at themselves, and young children will delight in the visual perceptual experience of looking taller, thinner, and just plain kooky! They will giggle themselves silly!

     Cheerful wall décor and mesmerizing mirrors are a great addition to any public waiting area, pediatric exam room, family restaurant wait station, retail store, doctor exam room, or just any place you want to make your visitors smile!